The Key to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

by Natalie on May 23, 2012

Have you ever felt like you were doing anything and everything to be healthy but not getting any results?

You could be missing a really important piece of the puzzle.


Consistency is the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not convinced? It’s ok if you are feeling skeptical at this point, but just hang with me for a few.

Actually, consistency is a key behavior to success in all areas of life. Let’s think about this for a moment.

Did you ever participate in any athletic activities as a kid? What made you a successful player? Practice, right? You didn’t become the team captain or head cheerleader overnight. You had to be consistent in your practice to become a good athlete.

Now think about your career. How did you come to be in your current line of work? Did you become an accountant without ever having any experience? Probably not. Likely you studied the subject in college, talked to people in the field, and worked in relevant internships or jobs. You consistently but steadily built up your knowledge in the field.

Lastly, think about your friendships. Are your most rich and fulfilling relationships with people you  just met? No. Most likely your best relationships have been built over time by consistently spending time and sharing life events together.

I could go on and on about how consistency applies to every area of life but I don’t want to beat a dead horse! The bottom line is that none of us are born being awesome at anything. We all have extraordinary potential but our skills are learned and practiced until we become really great at them.

You guessed what’s next. The same rules apply to your health! In order to stay healthy for good, you must be consistent. Treat your health like you would any other important area of your life. Think about what has made you successful in other areas of life and apply those same techniques to your “health life”.

We all operate very differently. What systems or methods work best for you, i.e. what do you do to stay consistently successful at work? How can apply these same behaviors to your health?

Here are a Few Things I do to stay consistent with my health.

1. Pre-plan exercise into every week.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast everyday! (I only make exceptions to this for celebrations or when I am staying at someone else’s home and don’t have control over my food).

3. Pre-plan healthy dinners for days I will be at home and make a specific grocery list.

4. Do not let unhealthy food linger around my kitchen. (I will eat it if I do!)

5. I am committed to keeping my knowledge current in the field of nutrition and fitness. I read as much as I can about the topic!

6. This one is probably the most important. I have made the decision in my head that I will be a healthy person. This single guiding thought is what keeps me on track most of the time. I just know that this is the type of person I want to be, so I do everything I can to make it happen!

Important distinction — consistency does not equal perfect. Am I perfect? Not by any means! Perfect is frustrating and boring. When you mess up, the important thing is that you jump right back on the train. Stay consistent as much as possible. This is what will keep you successful in health and life 🙂

Help a girl out! This is a very important topic and I would love to hear your thoughts. Is consistency missing from your “health life”? Or if you are someone who has nailed down a healthy lifestyle, tell us how you stay consistent.  Leave a comment in the comments box below.





photo  by: Brenda Starr on Flickr

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