How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

by Natalie on December 11, 2013


*my husband getting ready to dive into a healthy salad while traveling in Buenos Aires, Argentina

I’ve just returned from a very restorative vacation in Utah and Arizona. My husband and I spent a week hiking, reading, and relaxing in some of the most beautiful national parks. Although the weather was not in our favor (30 degrees in Arizona, come on!), we still had a wonderful time.

As I’ve gotten older, my body seems to be less forgiving to eating indulgent foods while away on vacation. Instead of feeling refreshed when I come home from vacation,  I feel like I need a detox. Since this has been happening over the years, I’ve made it a point to try to eat as healthy as possible while traveling.

It can definitely be a challenge to eat healthy on vacation. This last trip made me realize what the true meaning of food dessert is. Many of the desolate western towns we drove through did not have a large grocery store in sight! Places we did stop at, had very little fruit or vegetables to offer. I feel very fortunate to live in a big city, where I can get my hands on almost any fresh food I desire.

If you’re traveling to a bigger city or staying at a resort, eating healthy can be very easy. Below I will give you my tips & tricks on how I stay healthy while traveling.

My Favorite Travel Snacks

  • Bananas
  • Mixed nuts (this last trip, we bought a large bag, and it lasted us the entire week)
  • Lara bars
  • Apples
  • Dried, unsweeted fruit

Tips to Eat Healthy Once You Reach your Destination

  1. Check out for a list of healthy restaurants and grocery stores in the city you are visiting.
  2. Use the search terms “organic food in X”, “organic restaurant in X”, “healthy restaurants in X”, “natural grocery store in X”. Fill in X with the city you are in. For some reason, the organic search term seems to turn up the best options. Using this method, we have found some amazing healthy restaurants in places you’d least expect. Some cities even have gourmet type healthy restaurants.
  3. Find a natural or healthy type of grocery store. My first search is always for a Whole Foods grocery store. Many small towns don’t have Whole Foods, but they usually have some sort of health food  store. We found an awesome grocery store in Sedona, AZ called New Frontiers. If you’re lucky, these places have prepared food bars where you can pick up a healthy meal or other healthy products.
  4. Consider eating one of your meals in your room or as a picnic (especially if you are hiking!). We almost always pick up a nice loaf of healthy bread, almond butter, and bananas to make a sandwiches. This not only saves money, but gives our system a break from all the rich restaurant food.
  5. Use Tripadvisor and Yelp to see what people are saying about the restaurants you want to check out. Sometimes it can be annoying to comb through the reviews on these two sites, but I find that they really are essential while traveling.

Eating healthy while traveling really is possible! Especially with smartphones. My husband and I always joke about what we would do without our iPhones. I can remember back to one of our first trips together when we had to use an Atlas! That seems inconceivable now, only about a half a decade later.

Happy Travels!

Do you have any tips to eat healthy while traveling? Share them below by leaving a comment.


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