A Helpful Nutrition Resource for Those Undergoing Cancer Treatment

by Natalie on June 13, 2011

When I was updating the cookbook section on my ‘Healthy Resource’ page, I felt the need to talk more about the first cookbook I have listed there.

This book is titled The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen by Rebecca Katz and Mat Edelson. I didn’t feel like I was doing this book justice by just listing it in my resource section.

This book is a must-have resource for anyone undergoing cancer treatment, but can also be used by anyone trying to follow a healthy diet to prevent cancer. Katz is a chef and takes a food-based approach to solving side effects, and optimizing nutrition during treatment. I often feel like this food-based approach is the missing link in many cancer treatment programs.

Nutrition is key during treatment but patients are often not taught how to incorporate nutrition into their program. Unfortunately, many patients are told to eat “whatever they want” during cancer treatment, leading them to believe that healthy food tastes bad and is not necessary during treatment.

Without getting on my soap box too much, I just want to say that healthy, nourishing food during cancer treatment is absolutely essential and can help bring about better outcomes.

In her book, The Cancer Fighting Kitchen, Katz will show you how to make healthy, nourishing, and most importantly, great tasting meals. I have personally tried several of the recipes and they are outstanding! It is obvious that Katz spent a lot of time developing exquisite flavors in these recipes.

The majority of the recipes are plant based and incorporate a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Some recipes are more time consuming than others but in general they are all very easy to follow. They can be easily handed off to your spouse or a home health aide. Mostly all the recipes incorporate ingredients that are easy to find in grocery stores.

The beverage section is one of my favorites in the book. It is easy to stay hydrated with these great tasting warm and cold beverage recipes. I think the homemade ginger ale recipe could be very helpful for those experiencing nausea during treatment.

A book like this is also very helpful for friends and family members of those undergoing cancer treatment. Those of us on the “outside” often feel helpless when our friend or family member is going through treatment. What a better way to show your support than to prepare a healthy meal for them!

Thank you Rebecca Katz for creating this wonderful cookbook!



photo by: cogdog

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