Happy Thanksgiving!

by Natalie on November 27, 2013


I couldn’t resist putting up this picture of my daughter from last year’s Thanksgiving. The adults were obviously having way more fun with the turkey than she was!

We are heading back to the Chicago suburbs to spend the holiday with family. Our Thanksgiving is always pretty traditional. In the morning my husband plays in a football game with friends while my mom and I get busy cooking and baking. Should be interesting trying to cook this year with a toddler around. We will probably have to tack on an extra 2 hours to the process;)

You know, being a dietitian, I could easily turn this post into “this is how to eat healthy on the holidays”, but I promise I’ll spare you! In my opinion, the holidays aren’t really the time to eat healthy. I eat turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, so why should I expect my clients to do otherwise?

I like to remain strict about my healthy routine on normal days, so when the holidays come around, I can indulge a little bit. I should mention the one health principle that I continue to follow on holidays. That is the principle of eating a diet very low or almost non existent in processed foods. For example, if there is a cheese dip made with Velveeta cheese, I will skip it. Same goes for croissants out of a cardboard can. Sometimes its impossible to know what the dish is made with, but if I know it looks processed, I stay away. Pretty much everything else is fair game. Oh and I do like vegetables…a lot!

I hope you don’t mind this little blurb about my holiday eating philosophy… Just thought I would let you know how I usually handle health during the holidays.

I hope you have a great time this Thanksgiving where every you may be!




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