36 Ideas For Adding More Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet

by Natalie on May 30, 2011

A diet full of fruits and vegetables is crucial for cancer prevention. The more the better! Here are some on ideas on how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.


#1 Add chopped banana to cold or hot cereal

#2 Stir frozen blueberries into your hot cereal at the end of cooking

#3 Instead of syrup on pancakes, make a fruit puree. Combine fresh or frozen berries with a squeeze of honey and dash of lemon in a food processor until smooth.

#4 Top peanut butter toast with sliced banana

#5 Make a fruit smoothie (throw in some spinach or kale)

#6 Add vegetables to your eggs. Ideas: onion, bell pepper, spinach, tomato, mushroom. Sautee them in the pan first!

#7 Add sliced strawberries to hot or cold cereal

#8 Top scrambled eggs with avocado slices

#9 Top scrambled eggs with salsa

#10 Drink a small glass of 100% juice, or better yet, juice your own fruits and vegetables!

#11 Have a piece of fresh fruit or cup of berries

#12 Use applesauce in place of oil in muffin recipes

Lunch & Dinner

#13 Add vegetables to your sandwiches. Ideas: cucumber, avocado, lettuce, tomato, spinach.

#14 Have big salad with lots of colorful vegetables

#15 Slice up a cucumber and drizzle some oil & vinegar over it. Add a pinch of salt and a twist of pepper.

#16 Make a vegetable soup

#17 Try a vegetarian chili

#18 Experiment with roasted vegetables, they are sooo good! Wash, cut, drizzle with olive oil and put into a 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes.

#19 Add vegetables to your lasagna or try a vegetarian lasagna recipe. Good vegetables for lasagna are: mushrooms, zucchini, spinach, and summer squash

#20 Try a stir fry recipe. Stir fries make it easy to eat a lot of vegetables.

#21 Add vegetables to your pizza. Ideas: artichokes, bell peppers, spinach, mushroom, onion.

#22 Add a small side salad to whatever you are having as a main dish

#23 Add vegetables to your marinara sauce. Sautee them first in a pan before adding to the sauce.

#24 Add some steamed broccoli or canned artichokes into your pesto, then puree.

#25 Top tacos with fresh vegetables. Ideas: avocado, lettuce, onion, tomato

#26 Add sliced strawberries or oranges to your salad

#27 Make mini eggplant pizzas. Cut eggplant into ½” thick rounds, brush with olive oil, broil on both sides until brown and top as you would pizza. Put back under broil until cheese is melted.

#29 Add vegetables to your shish-kabobs, or make an all veggie shish-kabob

#30 Try a veggie burger


#31 Dip carrot sticks, bell peppers and cucumber sticks into hummus

#32 Apple + peanut butter = yum

#33 Handful of unsweetened dried fruit

#34 Add fruit (fresh or canned) to yogurt

#35 Piece of fresh fruit. Ideas: kiwi, orange, pear, or peach

#36 Baked tortilla chips and salsa

I am sure I am leaving some out here! The opportunities are really endless. Tell me what I missed, leave a comment in the comments section!



Blueberry photo by: SweetOnVeg

Bell Pepper Photo by: Sharon Hunter



Heidi June 6, 2011 at 12:51 pm

For lunch today, I used large lettuce leaves to wrap up some turkey instead of making a sandwich on bread. It’s an easy way to get in some greens and adds a fresh crunch to your sammy!

Natalie June 6, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Love it! Your right, lettuce wraps are a creative way to get in some greens. I like to wrap tabouleh salad in lettuce leaves.

rubelyn December 23, 2012 at 7:44 am

Thanks for those information. I will try it as soon as possible. I hope it will help me a l0t my guide me always.

neck cream June 28, 2013 at 7:26 am

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