Can Certain Foods Starve Cancer? | Antiangiogenesis Foods

by Natalie on May 27, 2011

In his recent TED talk, Dr. William Li describes how certain foods may stop or slow the growth of blood vessels to cancer cells.

Without the formation of blood vessels, cancer cannot receive the necessary materials to grow, and will thus be ‘starved’.

The process of forming new blood vessels is called angiogenesis.

Dr. Li states that angiogenesis is a normal and necessary process within the body, however, cases of abnormal angiogenesis (such as in cancer) are problematic.

Through research, Dr. Li and his team have found many foods that prevent abnormal blood vessel growth. They are calling these foods ‘anti-angiogenic’. They propose that consuming these foods could help prevent cancer by blocking the growth of abnormal blood vessels to cancerous cells.

Although the power of plants for cancer prevention has been known for many years now, Dr. Li’s research raises awareness to this important issue.

In the TED talk, Dr. Li stated that he and his team will continue research to determine which foods have the most anti-angiogenic strength. They hope to create some sort of rating scale.

Currently, they have developed an anti-angiogenic food list. Not surprisingly, the majority of the foods on the list are plants. More power to the plants! Yes!

I have believed in the power of a plant-based diet for many years now, and I am happy research continues to prove this eating pattern. I think this gives hope to all of us who are trying to prevent a life threatening disease like cancer.

I also have to say it is so refreshing to see research that promotes the power of whole foods vs. isolated nutrient compounds. I think this is very exciting work and look forward to the continuation of Li’s research. I hope they will continue to study the power of whole foods and not try to extract a component of food to be put in pill form.

Check out Dr. Li’s TED talk below, it is definitely worth watching. To view the anti-angiogenic foods list, visit the website Eat To Defeat Cancer.


P.S – I see seaweed on the list. I keep reading about the health benefits of this food but haven’t figured out a way to work it into my diet yet. Hmm…..Any ideas? Leave a comment below!


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Marilyn May 27, 2011 at 5:42 pm

Wow, wow,wow! Thank you for sharing this. This has been your thought for years!

Bob December 16, 2014 at 10:46 am

Use a blender like the nutra-bullet blender, or Ninja blender. It chops up everything so fine and smoothly that you can drink it all down. You can mix a plethora of foods in it like spinach, kale (which can be bitter tasting) and add a few fruits which make the the flavor awesome. I’ve been using it a while now and love it. The beauty of these blenders is you drink it right from the mixing bowl. When finished rinse it out, add a couple of drops of dish detergent and water and spin it on the machine for a few secs and rinse. Done!

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