5 Big Mistakes Brides Make When Trying to Lose Weight for Their Wedding

by Natalie on May 8, 2014

ringonit.jpgWho doesn’t want arms like Michelle Obama on their wedding day?

I sure did!

As soon as I got engaged, it was like I had all the motivation in the world to eat healthy and “get in shape”. I didn’t really want to lose weight, I just wanted to firm up.

In my years working with young women, I’ve seen this all the time. The desire to lose weight and get tone is never stronger than when you’re gearing up for your wedding.

Unfortunately, I’ve read and heard about some pretty crazy lengths women will go to to lose weight for their wedding.

It’s sad because moments in life with this much natural motivation to be healthy are few and far between.

That’s why it’s SO important to choose a healthy path to weight loss, so you can carry the healthy habits with you into the future.

Don’t make the same mistakes.. Here’s 5 of them to look out for.

5 Big Mistakes Brides Make When Trying to Lose Weight for their Wedding

1. Wait to The Last Minute

Waiting to the last minute can be your biggest downfall if you want to lose major poundage before the big day. Being in a time crunch forces you to take drastic measures to produce the weight loss you desire. The bottom line is that rapid weight loss is never healthy and is certainly not sustainable. Some women fear that if they start a program too far out from their wedding, they’ll gain it all back right before. My recommendation is to start your weight loss program as soon as possible.This will ensure you lose the weight healthfully, and you will be more likely to keep it off. Major bonus!

2. Eat Nothing

Many women become so motivated to lose weight for their wedding that they’re able to literally starve themselves. There are two major problems with this. The obvious reason is that it’s just not a healthy way to lose weight. When you deprive your body of all the nutrients it needs, it cannot function properly. In short, you run the risk of looking dull and ragged on your big day! The less obvious reason is this method has done nothing to change your habits. Once the wedding is over, you will go back to your pre-wedding eating habits and gain it all back. Right back to where you started.

3. Crash On a Crash Diet

This is almost as bad as #2, and can often be worse. I consider “crash diets” to be those that make you do really funky things to lose weight, i.e cabbage soup diet, cookie diet, HCG diet to name a few. A lot of cleanses and juice fasts fall into this category too. These diets can make you lose weight quickly, but almost always leave you malnourished in the end. This could temporarily weaken your body’s defenses and make you more susceptible to illness – the last thing you want on your wedding!

4. Go it Alone

It’s no secret that weight loss is difficult. If it were easy, we would be living amongst a lot more thin people. I’ve seen many women stress out by trying to do it all on their own while wedding planning and working a full time job. There’s no magic bullet to healthy weight loss, that’s why it’s important to work with someone who knows what they’re doing. A qualified dietitian, nutritionist, or health coach is a great place to start! A solid partnership with a professional will ensure that you get results, and most importantly, in a healthy way.

5. Depend Solely on Exercise

I’ve seen this line of thinking a lot too, “if I get to the gym everyday, I’ll have the body I want for my wedding”. Exercise specialists will agree that physical activity is a small part of the weight loss formula. Even if you go to the gym everyday, it’s just a tiny portion of your day, maybe 90 minutes at the most. So what about the other 23 hours in the day? Nutrition plays a huge role in that. Most of us eat at least 3 times a day. You cannot succeed in weight loss if you only focus on exercise. Plus, if you don’t deliver good nutrition, you’re missing out on the nutrients that make your skin, hair, and nails look beautiful.

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