4 Healthy Portable Lunch Ideas

by Natalie on June 10, 2011

This weekend is the beginning of my summer yoga teacher training program. I will be spending my entire weekend at the yoga studio so I need to make sure I pack some healthy lunches!

I thought I would share my ideas with you because I know its hard to be creative with portable lunches.

#1 Salmon salad with whole grain crackers and raw veggies.

I am going to use some left-over salmon from dinner to create this salad. I am making it similar to how you would make tuna salad, except I am going to use plain Greek yogurt instead of mayo. I plan to add in some capers, mustard and maybe some tarragon. I will pack this salad with some raw carrots and cucumber slices as well as the crackers.

#2 Curried hummus wrap.

This is a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks, The Cancer Fighting Kitchen by Rebecca Katz. You can find more information about this book on my ‘healthy resources’ page. This recipe looks super easy and very tasty! All you do is add a bit of curry to your plain hummus and then roll it up in a whole wheat wrap with mango slices, and assorted sliced vegetables.

Experiment with your own hummus wrap: take a pita or wrap, slather it with hummus and add whatever vegetables sound good to you!

#3 Cold Vegetable & Bean Salad.

These types of recipes are easy to make ahead and are a great way to get all your nutrition in one bowl – perfect if you need a portable lunch! I am going to make this lemony, zuchini, chickpea recipe from Everyday Food. I may substitute a bit of feta cheese for the parmesan cheese. I am in the mood for some feta.

#4 Big Green Salad.

This is my wild card lunch. I usually have enough vegetables in my fridge to throw together a big salad. All I do is put the dressing on the side so the leaves don’t get soggy. I may bring some leftover salmon salad, if there is any left.

Final Thoughts

These lunches require some pre-planning, but don’t all healthy meals? If you don’t plan what you are going to eat, you will be more likely to make poor decisions. So with some quick pre-planning you will be on the easy road to health!

If time is really an issue for you, kill two birds with one stone by doubling your healthy dinner meals. Use the leftovers for your healthy lunches!

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration to create your own healthy lunches.

Question: can you think of any other portable healthy lunch ideas? Leave a comment in the comments section below.



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Heather June 10, 2011 at 11:24 am

When I am at the bakery all day I need something quick, healthy and filling so I go with a smoothie and a few almonds (to fill me up), my favorite smoothie has: frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, plain yogurt, one banana, splash of juice and two healthy handfuls of spinach (can’t taste it but it will make for a green smoothie)!

Love this post Natalie 🙂

Natalie June 12, 2011 at 8:54 pm

A smoothie can make a great meal-in-a-cup when you are on the run. The protein in the plain yogurt and the almonds will help keep you fueled for longer. These two are also good to help slow the digestion of the natural carbs from all the fruit! Glad you don’t use sweetened yogurt, there is enough sugar in the fruits 🙂 Great comment!

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